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“Fairy’s Wish” is the concept SS23 that imagined if there are fairies who brought a spring, there would be fairies who would take it away.

This upcoming spring gives a feeling of freedom as if it is telling the end of Corona. Following up, The SS23 Season is a collection of imagining a spring fairy that brought beauty but warns us at the same time.

This is a style developed as a mini version of the Tulip Taylor jacket. If a Taylor jacket exudes elegance and maturity, this tulip short jacket adds a youthful, casual look. This item features a tulip-shaped pattern that is rounded from the neckline to the sleeves reminiscent of the shape of a tulip and continues at once.

A style in which the sleeves of a lovely round line and the body that fall in a straight line harmonize together. Putting darts on the body to hold make slim fit. We recommend wearing it with Waist Tulip Cut Out Skirt or Button Slim Fit Mini Skirt as a setup. Also, It can be matched good with denim like or wide pants for a casual look.


Mikado Slik 25%
Wool 75%



Standard Size 36

Total Length 39.5cm
Shoulder Width 43cm
Bust 76cm 
Bottom Width (Straight) 76cm 
Sleeve Length 28cm  
Sleeve Width 38cm

Model Total Length 170cm

**The size adds a Total length of 1cm / Bust, Waist 5cm / Shoulder 1.5cm / Sleeve 1cm for each expansion.

International XS S M L XL
Korean 44 55 66 77 88
US 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18
UK/Australia 4-6 8,10 12,14 16,18 20,22
EUR 32 34 36 38 40
China 84-86 84-86 92-96 98-102 106-110
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